The Day in Miscellany

FOUGHT OVER Baron-Cohen as Bruno

Gay wrestling: Sascha Baron Cohen is suspected of being behind a stunt in Arkansas in which men started ripping of each others clothes and kissing during a cage match. Apparently it has something to do with his new Bruno movie—like Arkansans need a reason for this sort of behavior!

Facing reality: Producer Mark Burnett is being sued buy his business partner Conrad Riggs, saying he is owed over $70 million. Past Survivor winners are now being asked to return their winnings in cash to Burnett’s home.

Dear Diary: Bolivian officials have released Che Guevara’s final diaries. Along with detailing his travels through South and Central America, the diary reveals that he was totally crushing on Marie from his Revolutionary History class.

Oh Christ, please: The Vatican said Tuesday that it regrets the Church of England’s decision to ordain women as bishops.

The party, it should be over: Iraqi officials have increased pressure on the U.S., asking for a specific timeline to withdraw U.S. forces.

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