The British Invasion

HUMOR BY THE POUND Little Britain USA‘s Walliams and Lucas

It’s no secret that some of our best television has come from the Queen’s people, and another British import is coming soon. Little Britain USA, a new incarnation of the hit BBC series Little Britain, invades HBO on September 28th.

Esteemed British funny men Matt Lucas and David Walliams created the original series, and they return for Little Britain USA. Lucas and Walliams play various British characters (in both senses of the word) experiencing culture shocks and clashes on American soil. There’s even a British Prime Minister character hopelessly in love with an American president. Hmmm…wonder why that sounds a bit familiar?

Until the premiere on the 28th, you can track Lucas and Walliams online on Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter. Click click Cheerio!

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