9/11 Museum Coming In Just Four More Years!

CANADIAN DISASTER Paris Hilton and Benji Madden at the Toronto Film Festival (Photo: Getty Images)

• So deeply troubled Lehman Brothers will sell off its real estate, more than half its asset management division (which is to say, where the money comes from) and will show losses of $4 billion over the last three months. Wow.

• The New York Times laid off 550 employees this week. And that consolidation of their Metro section into the paper’s first section? They’ll do that six days a week.

• Holy smokes, did film critic Rex Reed ever hate the Toronto Film Festival this year.
• Is “cougar” a defamatory term? Three ladies think so, and they are suing an obscure TV channel called G4. [RELATED: The origins of cougar-mania]

• Pretty much every Democrat in America is really mad at Barack Obama for not choosing Hillary Clinton as his V.P.
• The latest mid-afternoon workplace pastime? Running electoral college numbers online. Why not?
• White Georgian politicians (of the U.S. state, not the foreign country!) have no qualms using the word “uppity” to describe black people.
• All the politicians (okay, mostly Democrats!) are calling for the elimination of severance packages for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac execs.
• The 9/11 museum at the site of New York City’s World Trade Center will allegedly open in late 2012. Just in time!

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