The 2012 Presidential Race Begins UNSUBSCRIBE.
Michael Bloomberg is, in essence, now a lock to have a third term as New York City’s mayor. Unfortunately, it’s torn apart the City Council in the process. Said Councilman Charles Barron, of East New York: “Even though the mayor will win today, he is the big loser, because he lost democracy.” OKAY?
• A woman in Pittsburgh was kicked and punched and mugged and had a letter of the alphabet carved in her face and then refused medical attention!
• Good news about the jury in the trial of Alaska’s former Senator Ted Stevens! They noticed they were missing a page in the indictment. This means they are “very attentive,” according to the judge. Also, one juror, a lady “middle-aged bookkeeper for the D.C. National Guard,” is having “violent outbursts.
Heidi and Spencer pose in McCain-Palin wear.
Seth Rogen is no longer so chubby!
• Sooner or later everyone will be paid by the amount of attention they receive. It is so Warholian!

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