Terry McAuliffe Will Say Anything


Hillary Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson may be getting all the scorn these days, but former DNC head and sort-of current Hillary Clinton for President committee chair Terry McAuliffe is really the man we should all be picking on. He’s the one superdelegate who’ll say anything, including complete lies. Just days before Clinton announced her endorsement of Barack Obama, he introduced Clinton at an event in New York as “the next President of the United States.” That was weird because he knew it wasn’t true, and everyone present knew it wasn’t true, and yet he said it anyway. And then last night in D.C., he told a group of bundlers and money-men that Clinton could do absolutely anything at all next. “If she wants to become Pope, it doesn’t matter,” he said. Actually she’s not really eligible for that job either? Someone should turn his autopilot off maybe.

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