Dead Quail, Hummers, a Private Jet, and Other Ways Ted Turner Goes Green

ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER Turner (Photo: Getty Images)

“I’ve been green since before Al Gore invented the Internet,” media mogul Ted Turner cracked at his own Ted’s Montana Grill in Midtown for a discussion on how to help restaurants get on board with going green.

Things started off fine. “I don’t like litterers nor trash near my restaurants or homes. I’m constantly walking around, picking up trash, even on my three acre lot in Georgia. I take a reusable bag, of course, and pick up all the trash. I pick up garbage in NYC, particularly if someone’s looking. Then they say, ‘If Ted Turner can do it, so can I!'” Turner quipped, sort of sticking to the talk’s theme. Then faced with the challenge of her career—moderating Ted Turner—Deborah Roberts of ABC fame asked him what he drives. “I drive a Prius,” Turner answered. “It’s my primary car.” And that’s about when green gab went to pot.

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