Tabs Slap-Fight Over TomKat Scraps


Us: It’s a special collectors issue with a 15-page spread about the “Dream Wedding”! Don’t get your hopes up though. In an ironic twist, “Tom and Katie‘s “Wedding Album” includes far more pictures of the guests (20) than the cute couple themselves (three). And only two of that bug-eyed baby.

Ok!: TomKat’s wedding was star-studded to say the least, and Ok! has the “private” wedding album to prove it.

• <a href="
” target=”_blank”>In Touch: Make it three for three with TomKat wedding albums. Plus, there’s speculation about Nicole Ritchie‘s “surgery mystery” that’s resulted in a curvier body. It’s called eating.

• <a href="; target="_blank"Star: Of course, not everyone agrees that Nicole is curvy. Also, stars wear make up, and without it they are fugly. JLo and Katie Couric get the dubious cover honors, but Kelly Ripa will horrify you inside.

Life & Style: Same coverage of the dream wedding. Same cover photo as Us. Plus, Britney‘s on the rebound with AC Slater, and Reese has a new man.

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