Tabs Do Darker, Lighter Sides of AnJo

TWO FACE Jolie covers
Following its brief stint over on the dark side, OK! appears to have returned to its celeb-friendly schtick, delivering for the “Ange: How Love Changed My Life” cover a shot of shiny happy Angelina Jolie looking all smiles and airbrushy smooth. There’s even green nature crap behind her—seriously, chirping little birdies are like two seconds away from swooping down and braiding her hair.

Meanwhile In Touch, drawing on an interview Angie did in French mag Public, claims the humanitarian home wrecker has a list of things Brad Pitt must do if they are to stay together. To back up this claim they go with a darker photo of stern, up-do’d Angie, complete with faint forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Star takes the very familiar line that Ange is moving out. They snag an interview with one Wolfgang Wind, who says Ange flew solo when she looked at his L.A. home. They pick a serene, determined Angie mug.

Alas, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in Life & Style‘s case probably several hundred thousand dollars. The Bauer Bunch boasts 10 pages of pics from Maddox‘s sixth birthday party, which apparently involved a very elaborate game of capture the flag where all participants were forced to wear full army fatigues—nice camouflage do-rag, Ange. Breaking up? Tough to say. Shipping out? Maybe.

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