Surgeon Picks Kim Jong-il’s Brain


New footage on Japan’s Fuji Television has caused speculation that Kim Jong-il may soon be joining the likes of Saddam Hussein and other late dictators.

The footage shows the oldest son of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Nam, visiting a brain surgeon in Paris.

It’s believed that the surgeon then flew to Pyongyang to treat Kim Jong-il, who apparently spent two hours in the neurosurgery department of the hospital.

Ever since the dictator was a no-show at an important anniversary parade in early September, rumors of ill health have been flying around the region like Kim’s beloved nuke-tipped missiles. Until now, American and South Korean officials had suspected that he suffered a stroke.

“The brain surgeon answered no questions when he left the hospital, but simply got into his car and drove off,” one U.S. official revealed.

In addition to being a chest-thumping tyrant, Kim is known to many Americans as the nutburger dictator in the puppet film Team America: World Police.

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