Senator Just Wants To Move On


Surge protector: Republican senator and vague Obama VP candidate Chuck Hagel is totally over talking about the surge. “Quit talking about, ‘Did the surge work or not work,’ or, ‘Did you vote for this or support this,'” Hagel told reporters Thursday, “We’re done with that…What are we going to do for the next four years to protect the interest of America and our allies and restructure a new order in the world…” John McCain filled with gratitude because that surge stuff can be so confusing.

Room with a view: Thomas “TJ” Earle, the man caught getting a room with Ashley Dupre earlier this week, is saying that he was set up by Spitzer‘s ho. His wife apparently believes him, but we’re still waiting for the details on how exactly one would be set up in this situation. Was it… magic?

Cheerio: Britons continue to demonstrate their frustration with the ruling Labour party, which lost one of its safest seats in a by-election yesterday. (Labour just keeps losing things!) Party leaders, the press, and pretty much everyone else, are telling Prime Minister Gordon Brown it’s time he gave up his own seat.

OMG, THE MORENESS! CLICK HERE!: Alien coverups; playing with fire; and the Obama house rules!

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