Supermodel Busted Slumming at H&M!

POSE OFF Derek Zoolander was just out of frame

Scandal! A Radar spy has just spotted the current face of Armani and Mulberry , model Agyness Dean, shopping at discount designer fashion retailer H&M in Soho. Fashion’s androgynous muse of the moment was wearing navy slim pants, a grey fur coat, and a knit hat with blue pom-poms—throw in an eight ball, and she’d practically be the next Kate Moss. (Agyness, not content with culturally stimulating world of modeling, also has a band and will be guest deejaying at MisShapes in Manhattan this week). It’s not as bad as being busted fingering through the Jacyln Smith Collection, but if we were her we’d stay out of H&M for now. It’s fashion week, after all.

[Models are crawling the streets of Manhattan right now; photographic evidence from the corner of Bleecker and Broadway]

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