Chacing Leighton

SUCH A PRETTY RACE Chace, Meester (Photo: Getty Images)

Our favorite spoiled high school sluts returned to the small screen Monday night, with the season premiere of Gossip Girl. The premiere episode featured more back-story than hot action, but there’s more happening on your computer screen.

It’s a tight race in online popularity between Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford, according to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter. Meester has pulled ahead in recent days, and rightly so; her Blair is infinitely more interesting than Crawford’s Nate, but a few shirtless scenes and Crawford could regain his lead. But, they both better watch their (bare)backs, Ed Westwick is on the rise and turning this into a three-way.

Click on over to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter and see for yourself.

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