Suit Reveals A.I. Dropout’s Solo Act


More Idol friction: American Idol: Season 4 dropout Mario Vasquez faces a lawsuit that accuses him of trying to coerce an Idol staffer into gay sex and masturbating in front of the employee’s bathroom stall. Or as TMZ puts it: “‘A.I.’ Contestant Accused of ‘Masturbating’ in Suit.”

Take your money and run: The former Dick Cheney minions and war lovers at Halliburton are moving the company to Dubai to escape those pesky Americans and their pesky laws. Bonus: skiing!

Lame ducks: A new poll reveals that Republicans aren’t too interested in any of the conservative cogs parading for their votes.

Not a surprise: Fading star Sylvester Stallone was officially charged in Australian court for having 48 vials of human growth hormone, the stuff that keeps the 60-year-old ripped, veiny, and relevant.

Oprah’s oppression: Parents of the students at Oprah’s African school for girls say it’s being run like a gestapo, with limited visitation rights and a ban on smuggled sweets.

Photo: Splash News & Picture Agency

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