Sue Simmons Personally Apologizing to Every F***ing Viewer


Sailor-tongued WNBC-TV anchor Sue Simmons is clearly begging for forgiveness—one viewer at a time. Tuesday, during a 10 p.m. promo for an 11 p.m. newscast, she was plugging story on grocery prices when footage of a cruise ship popped up. Simmons snapped, “What the fuck are you doing!?” Viewers of the clip have asked the same question of Simmons for a couple of days now. She apologized on the subsequent broadcast and now says she’s trying to respond to every viewer that e-mails her about the incident. “I had no idea we were on live,” she writes to a reporter from Animal blog. “I was playfully trying to get Chuck’s [Scarborough] attention. Unfortunately, I got the attention of thousands and many were not amused. I admit I have a potty mouth at times. Never never did I intend for New York to receive an example of it. I can’t take it back. I can apologize. I’m still very embarrassed today.” [Animal]

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