Stupid Wheel Reinvented Every Day

  • Another new blogger is trying to find his way through the rainforest of the internet and how to live in its abundant yet frightening canopy. He only started his blog up a week ago and already he realizes that if he blogged everything he wanted to, he’d never have a weekend! And he just can’t respond to all the comments! Particularly as he is being harassed by an issue-based cadre who totally hate him. “You’ve got plenty of forums to call me names, ridicule my reasoning, and impugn my integrity, so you don’t need to do it on my blog,” he writes indignantly. It’s a blog story as old as the bloggy hills! Except this time it’s business writer Joe Nocera and HE’S DOING IT AT THE NEW YORK TIMES BUSINESS SECTION AND IT’S REALLY RATHER IRKSOME. Even while being a little bit adorable. We are all Julia Allison now, Joe Nocera!

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