Stormy Handsy Sober Weekend Ahead!

WHAT WOULD SUSAN SONTAG SAY? John McCain and Sarah Palin

What do we expect for this weekend? East coast storms, a total lack of marijuana candy on the West coast, and roving Presidential candidates in the middle. That’s sad! So we’ll look back on this week fondly. Also with horror and disgust. We’ll miss gorgeous St. Paul, we’ll miss the Republican operatives posing as Democrat women online, we’ll miss impersonating Congresswomen, we’ll miss imagining how Michael Phelps‘ giant hands might feel grabbing our own luscious nubile backsides. Actually we won’t miss that at all, because that’s how we’re going to spend the weekend. And most of all we’ll miss Sarah Palin, because we’re sure we won’t ever hear about her again.

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