Stiller and ScarJo Lauded by Harvard

PERFECT PAIR Stiller, Johansson

Pudding pop stars: Ben Stiller and Scarlett Johansson win Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Award, given to actors who make great contributions to cat-walking and cleavage.

I see London…: Tony Blair’s office is developing plans to put X-ray cameras on British lampposts that snap nude-ish looking pictures of passers by—granny panties and all.

What goes around: Two frat brothers who beat a pledge’s bottom with a cane so brutally he required surgery are sentenced to two years in jail, where they are sure to reap what they sow.

Armed and canceled: Armed & Famous, the CBS show that follows around semi-celebs getting tazed and pulling prostitution stings in Muncie, Indiana, has been pulled after only four episodes.

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