Stephen Baldwin Brings Wit, Analytical Skills, To Fox News

Stephen Baldwin—born-again Jesus freak and straight-to-video movie star—has added another item to his illustrious résumé: political commentator. Yes, Fox News’ Just In tapped the youngest and formerly most chemically unhinged Baldwin brother for its political coverage yesterday. The Razzie-nominated thespian spewed Republican-fueled insight on the show. And for extra effect, Baldwin punctuated his intellectually numb comments with his trademark Blue Steel-inspired squint. Choice quotes include: “If Barack gets nominated, I’ll be moving out of the country” and “That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Really, Stephen? The “most stupidest”? Coming from a man who not only read the script to the Pauly Shore stoner flick Bio-Dome, but decided it was a project whose artistic qualities merited his participation, that’s a strong statement.

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