Worry Is As Britney Does

WORRIES SOME Brit (Photo: Getty Images)

God, it was so good to see Britney Spears puffing away in front of her kids the other week. It gave everyone in the world the opportunity to worry about her, or, alternately, to worry about why the world is so concerned about her.

According to Radar‘s Fame-O-Meter, online interest is on the upswing, while other modern worries like Terrorism and the Recession show little growth in popularity. Meanwhile, interest in Global Warming is going cold, as summer nears an end and politicians debate the merits of ravaging the environment for more oil. Lest you doubt that Britney is really a major issue, remember, John McCain put her in an ad! But why worry your pretty little head, when you can checkout the Fame-O-Meter and see what everyone else is fussing over?

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