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Star to Stars: We Hate You, Too


If you’re Star magazine, and every celebrity in Hollywood already hates you, why not insult them all with one glorious extension of the middle finger? Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Richie all made it onto Star‘s 50 Most Annoying People of 2006 list, to be published in the upcoming issue.

Spears comes in at No. 1, thanks to her “dubious child-care techniques” and new friendship with Paris Hilton. (Her recent blitz of pantyless public crotch blasts also earns her a mention as Most Annoying Cry for Attention.)

Tom Cruise, suprisingly, languishes at No. 5 in the new ranking. “The best thing you can say about Tom Cruise this year? He wasn’t quite as annoying as the couch-jumper of ’05!” explains Star.

But it’s Aniston who really seems to have gotten on Bonnie Fuller‘s nerves. “Sorry, Jen. The public support from your emotional trauma is all used up,” reads the caption. “So forgive us for not shedding a tear when you continually looked so glum in public.” Even worse, neither Aniston’s ex, Brad Pitt, nor Angelina Jolie, his new mate, is on the list. Take that, sad Jen!

Photo: Splash News & Picture Agency

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