Spitzer Won’t Quit Unless He Gets Off

WITNESS FOR THE PROSTITUTION The Spitzers (Photo: Getty Images)

And another day draws to a close with streetwalker aficionado Eliot Spitzer still apparently governor of New York. Sources claim that Governor Half & Half is currently negotiating with federal prosecutors: he’ll quit, but only so long as there’s no jail time involved. Meanwhile, the word on the street says that the governor has been a prostie connoisseur for possibly more than a decade, which makes it somewhat easier to understand why he might have a hard time giving the hobby up. (You don’t get the really good hookers until you make governor anyway; why would he quit once he achieved that goal?) In any event, Lt. Gov David Paterson is, much like the rest of us, sitting around wondering when it’s all going to end. The current money is on early tomorrow morning.

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