Spears Flushes the Federline Out of Her System

PRE-FED Britney

Isaac dishes: Britney Spears’s latest ex, Isaac Cohen, claims the newly single Britney Spears is not over her marriage and is trying to get there with all-night sex romps and dysfunctional behavior of various varieties.

You go to war with the animals you have: It’s no secret that soldiers are hard to find. Now, it’s no secret that they’re being replaced by dolphins and handcuff-wielding sea lions. Their task: to defend the coast from swimming terrorists, evil Arab sea mammals, and the dreaded Wholphin.

Chia tits: Japanese scientists have developed a stem-cell treatment that allows women to grow their own breast implants.

A V-Day gift for her: Australian men are being encouraged to save their ladies some grief and get a snip-snip down below.

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