Boastful Young Man Celebrates His Possessions

Affluenza: Ho-Supermanning rapper Soulja Boy is taking a little heat for his video, “Rich Nigga Shit,” in which he blows his nose on money, rides a Segway across his living room, and shamelessly steals a line from Chappelle’s Show.

Massively multiplayer election: Soon Microsoft and Rock the Vote will enable X-Box Live players to register to vote and discuss politics on their game consoles. Which will make the campaigns look even more like Warcraft.

Florida’s bad day: Tropical Storm Fay gave the state’s northeast region another flooding scare today, forcing more residents to evacuate their homes.

THIS WOULD BE THE POINT WHERE YOU WOULD CLICK: Dead letters; caring enough to say the very best to gays; Apple vs. Microsoft; probably some other stuff!

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