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Sometimes We Want To Screech In David Brooks’ Ear. Then Sometimes, Like Today, We Want To Rub His Fuzzy Balding Head


Oh, liberal-turned- conservative-turned-gay rights champion David Brooks, how we do love it when you use the generous space the New York Times continues to give you to write things like this genially parody mocking Barack Obama‘s convention speech last night:

“My fellow Americans, it is an honor to address the Democratic National Convention at this defining moment in history. We stand at a crossroads at a pivot point, near a fork in the road on the edge of a precipice in the midst of the most consequential election since last year’s American Idol. One path before us leads to the past, and the extinction of the human race. The other path leads to the future, when we will all be dead. We must choose wisely.”

The rest of it’s pretty great too. Even better than the 1983 undergraduate column he wrote mocking William F. Buckley, who promptly publicly offered the saucy youngster a job at his little magazine, the National Review. Sometimes we wonder what would have happened if the Onion had gotten their hands on Brooks before Buckley. Okay, our brain just exploded; we’re back now.