Somebody's Lion About Siegfried & Roy!


Are Siegfried & Roy about to return to the Vegas stage? An email received by reporters on Saturday suggested they would be Spandexed-out and appearing in a new show at the Sahara.

The email also included an invitation to interview the magicians after they attended Sunday’s “Raw Talent Live.”

Not so fast! Sunday, another email said the earlier announcement was the work of a hacker.

“The previous communication is completely unfounded and not true, please disregard,” read the short statement.

Appearances by the duo have been sporadic since the October, 2003 tiger attack that left Roy seriously injured.

The legit email added that the German-born stars are in talks with Nicole Durr’s Viashow — produers of “Raw Talent Live” — to return to the stage at some point.

We’re assured it’ll be the real deal next time the cat’s let outta the bag.

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