Soldiers Appear to Torture Puppy (Harsh Video Warning)

If the above video isn’t fake—and we’d love to report that it is—it could become the canine equivalent of Abu Ghraib. Scoff as you might at that comparison, ask yourself how often you’ve seen puppy torture on CNN. Now, how often do you see dead or wounded or waterboarded Iraqis? It’s unclear whether the puppy is already dead—it appears not to be moving, although there are some whimpering sounds as it’s tossed, which could have been added in afterward.

A message left for a Department of Defense spokesperson was not immediately returned.

At least one website is suggesting that this is the soldier responsible. On his online profile, he lists his hobbies as: “Chillin out, sleeping, playing sports, hittin the gym, hangin with friends, with my family, at home, fridays, eating, running, cruisin, and definetely when I get out of the marine corps!” (Note: no mention of puppy torture.) Calls to a number listed for the Marine went straight to voicemail, which was full and not accepting messages.

UPDATE: The Bebo profile of the Marine who some are saying is pictured in the puppy-tossing video is already besieged with hate comments, whether it’s actually him or not. Comments include: “I think … that you symbolize everything that is wrong with our military. You are an awful person,” and “kill him,” followed by his address and phone number.

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