Socialite Escapades at Temperley


Sure, we love socialites as much as the next fool, but in the heirarchy that is fashion week, they usually rank behind CW starlets and reality TV contestants. They might nab a front row seat so they can have a reason to get dressed up on a weekday afternoon, instead of lolling around at home watching Oprah, but usually they do so quietly and without drawing too much attention to themselves. Which is why we were surprised last night to see Byrdie Bell, a star of one of our favorite fashion shoots, being escorted to her seat at Wednesday night’s Temperley show from backstage by fashion writer and walker Derek Blasberg and two scary looking suits with earpieces. Granted, Bell has scored photos in nearly every Vogue in recent memory. Could a handbag line and cult following in Japan be far behind? We’re just so proud!

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