Socialista Disease, or the Rise and Fall of a NYC Hot Spot

DO NOT GET THE MOJITO KutchMoore (Photo: Getty images)

Surely Bungalow 8 doorman-turned-club owner Armin Amiri never planned to garnish his $12 melon jugos and mojitos with Hep-A, but at his Marxist-themed Manhattan club Socialista, it seems, some trends are just too infectious to resist.

Months ago he announced that entrance into his $2 million, Cuban-themed, semi-private nightclub would be granted on a somewhat egalitarian basis: “As the door goes,” he told the Observer, “I’m gonna bring you into this nice atmosphere; hopefully, you’re going to bring your great energy in here. And that’s it—that’s the only even exchange I want with people.” (Besides wanting their $600—the minimum required to secure a table—but that doesn’t much jive with the socialist rhetoric, does it?)

On the flip side, there’s no better symbol of share-and-share alike socialist ideals than a diarrhea-, jaundice-, and nausea-causing disease that does not discriminate between A-list and not-on-the-list. (Note: Hep-A should not be confused with the gnarly, Pam Anderson-y Hep-C.)

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