Other Guy in Woodward Team Wraps Hillary Bio

SNEAK PEEK Bernstein’s book jacket

Solo project: After eight years of research, Carl Bernstein‘s 640-page book on Hillary Clinton is set to come out in June. A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton explores Clinton’s relationship with “her disciplinarian father, examines the early development of her deep religious feelings, and looks at her courtship with Bill Clinton and the dynamic of their marriage,” Reuters reports.

All-time high: American weed is now stronger than ever—perhaps explaining Bush’s temporary loss of dance floor inhibition.

Really?: The editors at People name Drew Barrymore the most beautiful person in the world.

American Idle: American Idol extends its charitable spirit to the six remaining Idols last night, keeping them all around for another week.

Boomeranged back to the LBC : For the second time this year, Snoop Dogg is denied entry to a foreign country. This time it’s Australia.

Butthead: Firefighters remove a mini toilet seat from the head of a two-year-old British boy who got stuck while searching for Tony Blair’s legacy.

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