Regan Rant Pulled from Sirius Show


Judith Regan‘s Sirius radio show aired as scheduled this morning—but an exchange with a blogger that supposedly played a role in her firing was not part of the broadcast.

Ron Hogan, who co-writes the book publishing blog Galleycat, was interviewed by Regan last week for a segment on Peter Golenbock‘s “fictional memoir” of Mickey Mantle. During the interview, she went into a rant about how the “backstabbers at HarperCollins” had made her the scapegoat for the outcry over the O.J. Simpson book, If I Did It.

But Hogan is not among the guests featured on the newest edition of the show, which airs seven times today on Sirius Stars channel 102. The guest lineup includes Megan Mullaly, Jane Seymour, psychiatrist Mitch Golant, and Liz Goldwyn, author of Pretty Things: The Last Generation of Burlesque Queens.

During Goldwyn’s segment, Regan did touch on the Simpson flap, insisting that she’d done no wrong by HarperCollins or its parent, News Corp. “I’ve published every imaginable book,” she told Goldwyn.

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