Siegfried And Roy: “What’s Under Those Trademark Codpieces?”

HELLO KITTY! Fischbacher, Horn

This week, The Secret Life of Siegfried and Roy comes roaring (ha!) out of the closet and into the book stores. The story of tiger-taming Roy Horn and his “business partner/lover/brother” (eww?) Siegfried Fischbacher was written by the Las Vegas acts’ former head of security, his son, and one of the duo’s consultants, and typed up by the VP and senior editor of the publisher, Phoenix Books, which also published Train Wreck, the biography of Anna Nicole Smith. It is remarkable! Not least because it renders the tiger-tamers’ thoughts in a strong accent. (Seriously: “Siegfried’s mind raced. No vun realizes vot the tigers are capable of, he thought.”) Here’s a particularly stellar excerpt that answers the question on everyone’s mind: Did they ever actually sleep with women? And what would that mean?

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