Shia LaBeouf Is a Wreck


Busted: Heir apparent to the Tom Hanks throne Shia LaBeouf was busted for misdemeanor drunken driving early Sunday morning after crashing his car into another vehicle. LaBeouf seriously injured his hand in the accident and had to undergo surgery; his passenger and the driver in the other car escaped with minor injuries.

He shoots, he scores: Barack Obama now has a nine point lead over John McCain, according to the latest Gallup Poll. His lead hasn’t come without a price. The man has a sore hip from shooting too many hoops with the troops in Afghanistan. What a patriot.

Complicated: After Denise Richards falsely accused him of molesting his two daughters, Charlie Sheen is now seeking full custody of the girls.

CLICK HERE, IT’S EASY: McCain gets pissy; more work for Mario?; and China Online!

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