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Smith’s ‘Meemah’ Flips Her Script, Lid

ONE TOUGH MOTHER Smith, Meemah (inset)

She may be a great many things, but Anna Nicole Smith’s “meemah,” Virgie Arthur, is not a tight-lipped woman. Ever since she flapped her gums about Daniel Smith’s “murder” on CNN’s Nancy Grace in October, Arthur has been on a one-woman media tour—and she can’t seem to keep her story straight. In the fall, she denounced “Vickie Lynn” for a life of drugs and impropriety; now, she wants possession of her body for a proper burial. One minute, she backs Larry Birkhead’s paternity, the next, she wants the baby (and the money) for herself. Some consistency, please!

After the jump, a rundown of some of Virgie’s quotes over the past few months. We’re sure that if she does get her granddaughter, she’ll do just as good a job as she did with her own little girl.