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Sex Docs to Drunk Brits: Wrap it Up!

boozies_121807_FRESH.jpgCAN’T SPELL ‘DRUNK’ WITHOUT UK Soused Britons
Sex researchers in England have come up with a rather ingenious way to battle a nation-wide surge in STD transmissions and unwanted pregnancies: Stock taxis, clubs, and pubs with free condoms! Why clubs and pubs? Because binge drinking has been cited as the primary reason Brits are contracting herpes and accidentally getting knocked up at a rate higher than anywhere else in Western Europe. According to one researcher, the average pub-goer who ends up at an STI clinic downs “26 units on a typical Friday or Saturday night, the equivalent of two and a half bottles of wine or well over three-quarters of a bottle of vodka per person” [Emphasis ours]. We’re less astounded with the quantity than with the fact that guys across the pond are still able to get it up after drinking that much.