Seriously, Leave Heather Locklear Alone

The rolling, rolling news of the day:

• “Barack Obama and, lately, Joe Biden have missed plenty of their own votes this year, but [John] McCain is still the champion on that front, skipping 64.5 percent of the roll calls held this Congress.” McCain’s last vote was back at the beginning of April.
• Six prosecutors so far have resigned from cases at Guantanamo. Why don’t you meet them?
• Poor Heather Locklear. She’s the one who should be complaining about “gotcha journalism,” after she was phoned-in for drunk driving by Jill Ishkanian—who called the photographers right after she called 911.
• J-school prof at Sarah Palin‘s alma mater doesn’t think she’s been subjected to, yes, anything “gotcha.”
• But she does know how to debate! Feel the fear, Scranton Joe!
Some advice from a blogger to the failing alt-weeklies before they all become attack of the clone-blogs.
• Hey, Apple has threatened to shut down iTunes over royalties.
This is the best recap on the week in politics that was. You don’t need to read it now—read it in three years, when you’re like, “What the holy heck is going on, President Palin?”

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