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Kiss-Off and Makeup at Allure

CHILD STAR Young Mr. Murdoch

Ethics 101, via Page Six: A newspaper’s Page Six reports that Molly Friedman, an assistant editor at Allure, has been fired, and, in the words of a source, “pretty much banned from Condé Nast for life” for selling makeup on eBay. Another source (double-sourced reporting!) says, “It’s pretty shocking.” We were shocked by the distinction between getting freebies for one’s self or to celebrate one’s new job and making a couple of bucks selling crap.

Daddy’s boy: Variety looks at BSkyB’s raid of ITV and credits News Corp.’s crown prince (for this year anyway) James Murdoch. Meanwhile, Richard Branson is accusing Murdoch of bigfooting his own attempt to takeover ITV. The only question that remains: What is ITV?

The stars, aligned: The New York Daily News‘s Rush & Molloy report on a meeting of the minds between Perez Hilton, celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur, Paris Hilton, and her walker Elliott “Chardy” Mintz. Obviously, this summit took place under the aegis of VH1. Sadly, not on The Surreal Life. (Yet.)

Postmarked Prison: Chad Conrad Castagana, he of the powder-laced hate letters to Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, David Letterman, Sumner Redstone, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, has been indicted. He’s being charged with 14 counts of threats and hoaxes, each of which carries a five-year sentence. Flashback: Olbermann discusses the case.

Found: The wife and children of CNET editor James Kim have been found in an isolated area of Oregon after their car ran out of gas. A sheriff’s department spokesman says, “They are in remarkably good shape for spending nine days in the wilderness.” Kim is still missing.