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McClellan Book’s Plame Revelations To Be Fact-Checked by Congress?


What Happened now?: Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan‘s book might inspire House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) to call for congressional hearings into the Plame leak.

Well played, sir: Remember when you were going to vote for Hillary Clinton because, as idealistically sound as you thought Barack Obama was, you thought she could work the political system better. Not quite how that worked out.

Starbucks opening in ’09: A giant metal bird roars over Brazilian village of an “uncontacted tribe,” captures their souls with a magic picture box.

Global Warming aria: Al Gore‘s Inconvenient Truth is ditching power points for big breasted, soprano voices.

Mmm-pop!: The former tike behind the drum set, Zac Hanson, welcomes his first child into the Hanson family. And we all assumed they were girls.

Computers do the impossible: Some nerds at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have trained a computer to “read” minds, proving, once again, that computers are powerful machines and that nerds will come up with anything to find out how girls work.