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Scientologist Finds the Funny in Getting Run Over by a Bus

The above video is long, but completely worth the eight-minute investment. A member of “Anonymous”, an Internet-savvy group of Scientology protesters, calls up a spokeswoman at a Scientology center in Columbus, Ohio, and talks to her about his attempts to visit the Church for “Sunday Service.” He eventually gets her to admit that the story of “Xenu”, as detailed by L. Ron Hubbard in “Operating Thetan Level III” is “a little bit wacky”; that “Anonymous” consists mostly of “college kids” who do “weird things;” and that she finds it absolutely hiiiilarious that a few Scientology protesters were hit by a bus on the picket line outside the Church center.

The caller then proceeds to tell the spokeswoman that he was, in fact, one of those individuals who was hit by the bus, at which point she backtracks and says she felt so bad she called the hospital, and that five of her guys “were actually gonna go out and, uh, help … but, you know, uh, yeah, uh, you know … the ambulance, uh.”

Tom Cruise, for one, would no doubt disapprove. After all, aren’t Scientologists the only ones who can do anything at the scene of an accident?