ScarJo: Golden Girl?

OLD HOLLYWOOD Johansson (Photo: Getty Images)

So, read this in your best “outraged voice.” Scarlett Johansson, 23, was dropped from the lead role in a film because she was “too old” to play the love interest. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, 18, is swooping in and stealing her part in the indie flick Napoleon and Betsy, about the romance between an exiled Napoleon, and, presumably, a chick named Betsy. ScarJo is now officially an old, and is probably going to have to brave some sort of Sunset Boulevard kind of meltdown or play Zac Efron‘s mom in High School Musical 7 or some such nonsense. Of course, no one has had the balls to inform Woody Allen of this unfortunate development.

We’re getting nostalgic for the time when ScarJo hit the screen as the object of Bill Murray‘s little girl fetish! Also, someone bring us some anti-aging serum. And turn off those damn overhead lights.

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