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Sarkozy’s Ex Wins Settlement In Battle of the Bods

LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI Cecilia, Carla (inset)

Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz, former wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, won 30,000 euros in damages after suing a French magazine that printed pictures of her in a swimsuit alongside photos of a similarly-draped Carla Bruni, Sarkozy’s special new lady.

When Cecilia ditched Sarkozy few weeks into his presidency he was heartbroken, until he found Bruni to lick his wounds. The two have since been involved in a cliche whirlwind romance that even the French public seems to be getting tired of hearing about. Luckily, there was that minor bank fraud fracas last week to give the Frenchies something else to ponder over their plates of garlic-dipped mollusks.