Sarah Palin’s Pipeline Doesn’t Actually Exist

THE MORE YOU SUFFER, THE MORE MONEY ALASKA MAKES The pipeline and gas prices (Photo: State of Alaska)

• Ha! The very early Oscar picks are in!

• That natural gas pipeline that Sarah Palin built from Alaska to the Lower 48? Actually it only exists on paper and hasn’t gotten federal approval yet—and might never be built.

• A Mega-rich Mexican raider has bought up 6.4 percent of the New York Times stock—which means he thinks that stock will turn around in the next few years! Hmm!
• MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann says that New York Observer TV reporter Felix Gillette “made up a quote or printed a quote made up by someone else” when he quoted Andrea Mitchell.
• In its second week on air, 90210 lost a third of its audience.

• Some of the world’s largest financial services institutions “marketed allegedly abusive transactions that helped foreign hedge-fund investors avoid billions of dollars in U.S. taxes over the past decade.”

• Bloomingdale’s is rolling out mini-stores in Santa Monica and Washington D.C.

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