Media Hurt Sarah Palin’s Feelings By Laughing At Her Preposterous Claims

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Wow, poor Sarah Palin. In the latest clip from her interview with Katie Couric, the Alaska governor seems upset about how her claim that the state’s proximity to Russia should be considered “foreign policy experience” was used by the press to make her a figure of fun. In that trembly, trailing voice she has when she’s answering questions for which she’s clearly only been provided with one answer and told to keep repeating it until the interview ends, Palin explains that, yes, it was a bit of an exaggeration, and that in retrospect she understands how ridiculous the assertion sounded; she’s sorry, she’s willing to admit that perhaps foreign policy is an area in which she lacks much (or any) experience, but she’s a quick study and she’s ready to learn on the job, and should the American people in their wisdom see fit to elect her Vice President she will do her utmost to ensure that no one is better prepared to tackle our country’s foreign and domestic challenges than she. Oh, wait, I was thinking of someone else. Actually? She just repeats the assertion all over again, this time adding the all-important “trade mission” factor. Plus, sometimes Vladimir Putin flies over Fairbanks to go somewhere else. And if that doesn’t confer statecraft upon a person, well, maybe our standards are just too high.

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