Even Sarah Palin’s Doodles Are Adorable!

TALKING POINTS Palin doodles

While we’re on the subject of Sarah Palin (and, really, when are we not these days?), let’s take a look at this amazing document apparently dug up by the folks at the New Republic, who “came across a piece of paper from an old Wasilla city budget, on the back of which Palin doodled and brainstormed her potential mayoral campaign themes (‘time for a change,’ ‘you would be my boss!’) and qualifications (‘life-long alaskan,’ ‘NRA supporter,’ ‘taxpayer!’).” Sadly, there’s no mention of skeeters, and the taxpayer thing would eventually prove a bit of a stretch, but someday when the schoolchildren of America come to the chapter on the glorious era of the Palin presidency, this will surely be an important primary source. [PDF available here]

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