Welcome to the Dollhouse: GOP Edition


Yesterday, MSNBC reported on Sarah Palin action figures, available now through herobuilders.com. Collectors can choose from schoolgirl-Sarah, “executive” Sarah, and some kind of jump-suited Sarah with a gun strapped to her leg. Kudos to the company for capturing the zeitgeist and rolling these out quickly. Though the updo and librarian glasses are pure Palin, the bodies and costumes are the same as those found in Herobuilders’ “Hot Box” collection. (Hot Box! “The sexiest 12″ female action figure in the world”!)

Taking a closer look at the inarguably right-wing Herobuilders site, we can’t help but confront an unsettling truth, one that has long held democrats back. Republicans, with their righteous indignation, unwavering moral certainty, and unapologetic boot-in-your-ass style diplomacy, simply make more appealing superheroes.

Witness some of the site’s offerings:

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