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Site: DC Madam’s Got Donaldson’s Digits

I’M ON THE LIST Sam (Photo: Getty Images)

Once upon a time in D.C. there was a Madam named Deborah. The boys under the Dome loved her milkshakes and they formed a line in her yard. Soon a scandal erupted, and to the long list of politicos found peppered in Deborah Jeane Palfrey‘s phone records, a certain infamously combed-over newsman from the very network that broke much of the story was included as well.

Maybe one of Sam Donaldson’s phone numbers allegedly showing up in Ms. Palfrey’s immense list of ungentlemanly callers was part of the reason ABC’s coverage of the Madam’s story was ultimately rather, uh, flaccid.

It’s a little embarrassing for the Disney-owned American Broadcasting Company that one of their legendary newsmen might now be in the same league as guys like Internet sex message-board chatter “Capt. Fred.” In an otherwise glowing review of Madam Palfrey’s Pamela Martin Agency, the hearty, horny Cap’n addressed the issue of asking “Ms. Julia,” (Palfrey’s preferred pseudonym) about some of the escort service’s à la carte items: “Please don’t ask Ms. Julia if she has anyone who speaks Greek [...] Just say: ‘Anal sex’.”

Maybe more than a little embarrassing. Hell, who in their right minds wants to picture Sam Donaldson asking for anal sex?


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