Phil Spector, Obamaniac

ROCK OF LOVE Obama, Phil

Presidential Phil-atio: Hey Barack Obama, you’ve just earned the endorsement of Phil Spector, the storied music producer who just so happens to still be on trial for murder! He’s even taken to wearing a “Barack Obama Rocks” pin!

Ride on: Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson have reportedly split up. Conflicting schedules were an issue for the couple; Lance wanted more time to ride bikes, other starlets.

Booker’in it: After he won the Booker of Bookers earlier this month with his 1981 novel Midnight’s Children, Salman Rushdie is now the favorite to win this year’s Booker Prize with his latest novel, The Enchantress of Florence.

YOU’VE COME THIS FAR, JUST CLICK! Bush has some hopeful homeless numbers for you; but there are depressing AIDS numbers, too; But! Swayze is back on the job!

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