Saddam, Cheap Iraqi Hookers, and the Seeds of Geopolitical Crisis

SISTERS’ KEEPER Saddam (Photo: Getty Images)

Saddam Hussein’s wild ride into ruin began in 1990 when he invaded Kuwait and sparked the first Gulf War. And according to the FBI agent who interrogated Hussein after his capture by U.S. forces, the late Iraqi leader’s fateful move to invade was triggered by Kuwait’s stated interest in dramatically increasing the world’s supply of cheap Iraqi hookers.

FBI agent George Piro told 60 Minutes Sunday night that Saddam decided to take a diplomatic dispute with Kuwait to a whole ‘nother level after Kuwait’s ruler told Iraq’s foreign minister that “he would not stop doing what he was doing until he turned every Iraqi woman into a $10 prostitute.” In a fit of Sonny Corleone–like rage, Saddam responded that he wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing until he was widely recognized as a global pariah and then captured, humiliated, and hanged by a coalition of his most hated enemies. Mission accomplished!

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