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Murdoch Moves to Cinch Dow Bid

DOW-DY Murdoch

Done deal?: News Corp. has reached a tentative deal to buy Dow Jones for $5 billion and a box of Just for Men.

Primetime celebreality: The Apprentice will return for another season with the doe-eyed MBAs replaced by washed-up third rate celebrities (not including Rosie O’Donnell).

Cartoon violence: Radar‘s already noted the passing of “Hamas Mickey.” But fans should rest easy: his cousin, a bee named Nahoul with jihad dreams, has come to replace him.

Marketplace of ideas: An Army intelligence officer places “A Solution to the War in Iraq” on eBay. Bidding maxes out at $99,999,999.

Unwelcome Gest: Since baby scarer David Gest‘s TV show is now canceled, he’s open for the role of Crypt Keeper.

The Many Shades of Murdoch

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