Rove Jokes, Makes the Mic Smoke

The prez may have been on fire last night, delivering his stand-up routine at the annual broadcasters’ dinner—he busted on Dick Cheney for shooting that old guy in the face and Sen. Jim Webb for “providing security,” a joke about his aide being caught in the Capitol carrying Webb’s loaded handgun—but the highlight of the night, as Crooks & Liars points out, was “MC Rove.”

Asked by Whose Line Is It Anyway‘s Brad Sherwood what he likes to do in his spare time, Karl Rove makes a hee-larious, if a bit sociopathic, funny, saying he likes to kick back with a near-beer and “tear the tops off of small animals.” Asked to clarify, he says he means tear their heads off.

And then … he dances. And raps.

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