Rosie Loses Her View

OUT Rosie

Rosie O’Donnell just bid farewell to her View cohosts, explaining that, “I’ve decided and we couldn’t come to terms with ABC … I will be coming back and guest hosting, doing one-hour specials on autism … I’m just not going to do the every day thing … They wanted three years. I wanted one year … And that’s showbiz.”

Barbara Walters was the next to jump in, gushing, “You will be missed very much.” Then she added: “I would like to make one thing perfectly clear, that I did not participate in the negotiations for Rosie. I’m going to read that I did this and I did that, and it brings back a lot of other things I was accused of doing and I didn’t do … This is not my doing or my choice.”

O’Donnell said she’d be around until the end of June. “They’re not kicking me out, don’t worry.”

Photo: Getty Images

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